Unauthorised encampments - Oak Park & Holland Park

Last updated: 07/06/2017 16:15:38

travellers encampment oak park holland park

Walsall Council took action today to expedite the removal of an unauthorised encampment at the ‘old’ Oak Park Leisure Centre car park.

Simon Neilson, Executive Director for Economy and Environment said: 

“This encampment was obstructive to the polling station which will be in use at Oak Park tomorrow and we must act to protect people’s democratic right to cast their vote. To that end we have today obtained an injunction to enable us to quickly move on this and any further incursions.” 

“Owing to the extenuating personal circumstances of one of the families on the site, it was agreed that, on this occasion only, the encampment could temporarily relocate to Holland Park in Brownhills.”

“I would like to reassure Brownhills residents and users of Holland Park that this is an extremely unusual course of action and was only taken following careful weighing up of the pros and cons in this individual case; nor does it set a precedent for how the Council will deal with such issues in future. The legal process to effect vacation of Holland Park has also now begun.”