(PSPO) for Beechdale Estate - Have your say

Last updated: 22/01/2016 15:19:37


Walsall Council is considering making a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) covering the Beechdale Estate as a means to tackling ongoing anti-social behaviour in the area.

The proposed PSPO would allow the council to place prohibitions and requirements on behaviour within a clearly defined area. 

Supported by West Midlands Police, it is intended to ensure public spaces are safe and free from anti-social behaviour.

The order would apply to all public spaces within a given area and would apply 24 hours a day for an initial period of 3 years.  Public spaces include the highway, public footpaths and public areas of land including communal car parks or grassed areas.

Breach of a Public Spaces Protection Order is a criminal offence for which an individual can be summoned to attend court and fined.  Fixed Penalty Notices for £100 may also be issued to deal with a breach.  At the end of the consultation period the council will make a decision as to whether the order is to proceed and residents will be notified accordingly.

Should you have any comments with regards to the above please contact either Steve Gittins on 01922 654297 or Sarah Heath on 01922 653043.  Alternatively you can e mail asb@walsall.gov.uk

Please ensure that all comments are received by Friday 5th February 2016.