Council's new cabinet announced

Last updated: 12/08/2014 14:21:07

Councillor Sean Coughlan, Leader of Walsall Council, has announced his new cabinet following the successful motion from Labour councillors at this week's council meeting to take control of the council. 

Thirty one members voted for the motion, 12 against and 16 abstained. 

The council was previously run by a minority Conservative administration as no party has overall control.

Councillor Mohammad Nazir will be Deputy Leader and will cover the Regeneration portfolio.

Children’s services will be covered by Councillor Barbara Cassidy.

Councillor Khizar Hussain will have responsibility for Community, Leisure and Culture.

Environment and Transport will be covered by Councillor Lee Jeavons.

Councillor Diane Coughlan will be responsible for the Social Care portfolio.

Health will be covered by Councillor Ian Robertson.

Councillor Keith Chambers will be a member of the cabinet with responsibility for Personnel and Business Support.

Councillor Sean Coughlan, leader of Walsall Council, said: "We face some challenging issues, but we have a vision of where we want Walsall to be and we look forward to turning this into a reality."