Nominations for Council and European Elections

Last updated: 25/04/2014 13:18:26

Nominations for both the Local Council and European Parliamentary Elections, being held on Thursday 22 May 2014, have now closed.

Councillors are to be elected for each of the 20 wards of Walsall in the Local Council Elections, with voting taking place between 7am and 10pm on Thursday 22 May.

Votes will be counted that evening with a full result expected around 4am on Friday 23 May.

Votes for the European Parliamentary Elections will be counted on Sunday 25 May 2014 – in total 73 Members of the European Parliament will be elected from the United Kingdom, with seven MEPs representing the West Midlands region.

Sue Wright, Walsall Council electoral services manager, said: “Poll cards have been sent to around 196,000 people but if anyone hasn’t received one they should contact the electoral registration office on 01922 652502.”

The nominations for the Local Council Elections are as follows. Candidates do not have to list a party:

Ali Gazanfer  - The Conservative Party Candidate
Ball  Bob – British National Party
Edmunds Gary – UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Jeavons Lee David – Labour Party Candidate

Church Dave
Cummings William – UKIP
Havemann-Mart Thomas  – The Conservative Party Candidate
Robertson Ian Charles – Labour Party Candidate

Bloxwich East
Baggott Steve
Phillips Kath– Labour Party Candidate
Statham Mark Andrew – The Conservative Party Candidate
Timmins Gary – UKIP

Bloxwich West
Coley Richard – UKIP
Davies Alan
Harrison Louise Ann – The Conservative Party Candidate
Newey Chris – I’m English, NOT British, NOT EUropean!
Ward Matthew Joseph– Labour Party Candidate

Short Heath
Fletcher Carol – Liberal Democrat Focus Team
Hazell Darren – UKIP
Pulford Mark – Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate
Washbrook Peter – The Conservative Party Candidate

Willenhall North
Gray Ben – The Conservative Party Candidate
Hazell Liz– UKIP
Illmann-Walker Anja– Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate
Woodruff Val – Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Willenhall South
Coughlan Diane – Labour Party Candidate
Haywood Charles – English Democrats Love England – Leave EU!
Howell Philip– UKIP
Singh Uppal Ramtirth – The Conservative Party Candidate
Willoughby Anne– Liberal Democrat

Aldridge Central and South
Duckers Kyle – UKIP
Halford Corrie Ann– Labour Party Candidate
Murray John – The Conservative Party Candidate
Sheward Roy - Liberal Democrat

Aldridge North and Walsall Wood
Cooke David Andrew – UKIP
Grainger Bob – Labour Party Candidate
Greveson Mark Robert – Liberal Democrat
Harris Anthony David Dan – The Conservative Party Candidate

Aston Vivienne Joy – The Conservative Party Candidate
Craddock Stephen Roy – UKIP
Davies Lauren Marie – Labour Party Candidate

Bennett Oliver Don – The Conservative Party Candidate
Dhillon Balvir Kaur – Labour Party Candidate
Eardley Graham – UKIP
Mayou Sim – Independent

Pheasey Park Farm
Grey Steven George – UKIP
Lovell Ashley – Labour Party Candidate
Towe Christopher Douglas Dawson – The Conservative Party Candidate

Carpenter Ron – The Conservative Party Candidate
Clews Claire Elisabeth – Labour Party Candidate
Paddock Alan –
Wycherley David Raymond– UKIP

Hughes  Eddie- The Conservative Party Candidate
Sharmji Raaj – Labour Party Candidate
White Paul Martin – UKIP

Bentley and Darlaston North
Ahmed Mushtaq – The Conservative Party Candidate
Burley Rose  – Labour Party Candidate
Rudd-Everitt Alan – UKIP
Yaqub Mohammed – Liberal Democrats

Darlaston South
Bott Paul – Independent
Burton Peter Raymond – UKIP
Collins Wendy  – Labour Party Candidate
Lakin Jane Alice – The Conservative Party Candidate

Ali Nasar - Labour Party Candidate
Bennett  Derek - UKIP
Fletcher Glyn – Liberal Democrats
Sohal Gurmeet – The Conservative Party Candidate

Brownridge Michael John – UKIP
Nazir Mohammad– Labour Party Candidate
Powell Brian
Yasin Mohammad – The Conservative Party Candidate

Dabbs Mark– Independent
Khan Mozamil – Liberal Democrats
Peers Elizabeth – UKIP
Sarohi Harbans Singh– Labour Party Candidate
Yaqoob Mohammed – The Conservative Party Candidate

St  Matthews
 Johal Jas – The Conservative Party Candidate
Mahoney Gerry – UKIP
Nawaz Aftab Ahmad– Labour Party Candidate
Peart Stephanie

The nominations for the European Elections are as follows:

An Independence From Europe:
Mike Nattrass,  Mark Nattrass,  Joshna Pattni, Henry Humphries, Viner Forrest,  Stephen Ingram, Paul Alders

British National Party:
Michael Coleman,  Alys Matthys, John Griffiths, Geoffrey Patten, David Bradnock, Mark Badrick, Barry Kimberley

Conservative Party:
Philip Bradbourn, Anthea McIntyre, Dan Dalton, Michael Burnett, Sibby Buckle, Dan Sames, Alex Avern

English Democrats:
Derek Hilling, Christopher Newey, Stephen Paxton, Charles Haywood, Margaret Stoll, David Lane, Fred Bishop

Green Party:
Will Duckworth, Aldo Mussi, Vicky Duckworth, Tom Harris, Raymond Macnaughton, Alistair Kerr, Katherine Vesty

Harmony Party:
Reg Mahrra

Labour Party:
Neena Gill, Llewelyn Simon, Lynda Waltho, Ali Khan, May Hamer, Tony Ethapemi, Louise Roberts

Liberal Democrats:
Phil Bennion, Jonathan Webber, Christine Tinker, Ayoub Khan, Tim Bearder, Neville Farmer, John Redfern

Dave Nellist, Pat Collins, Joanne Stevenson, Sophia Hussain, Edward Reilly, Mark Chaffer, Jane Marfleet

Jill Seymour, Jim Carver, Bill Etheridge, Phil Henrick, William Wrench, Gary Green, Lyndon Jones

We Demand A Referendum Now:
Nikki Sinclaire, Andy Adris, Rosemary Brown, Anthony Bennett, Patricia Smart, Michael Reid, Amanda Wilson