Tell us about your Peregrine sightings

Last updated: 24/02/2014 08:38:00


Shoppers, visitors and workers in Walsall town centre are being asked to help countryside rangers prepare for Peregrine Watch 4 which is on the horizon.

Walsall Council’s countryside services has once again teamed up with conservation groups and staff from The New Art Gallery Walsall to stage the free event - on 5 April 2014 - which gives people a fascinating insight into these birds of prey.

Peregrine Falcons regularly nest in towns and cities across the UK, as the tall structures are just like the tall cliffs of their natural habitat.

A nesting pair, dubbed "Katy" and "Matthew" Perry have made Walsall town centre their home for several years now, and can regularly be seen around the area, including the town hall bell tower, St Matthew’s Church and Tameway Tower.

Senior countryside ranger Morgan Bowers said: “We’re counting down to Peregrine Watch 4 and we need Walsall’s help.

“We’re asking people in the town centre to send us any reported sightings of the peregrines so we can get an idea of their movements prior to the big day. We need to know the date and time they were seen, how many birds and most importantly the exact location – so if you spot one around the town hall for example please specify which side.

“If we can get an idea of their movements before Peregrine Watch 4 we stand a better chance of people being able to see them on the day.”

People can send your peregrine sightings to Morgan via email at, or post on or tweet to @WalsallWildlife or with the hashtag #ws1perries

“We have put up a special nest box with a camera, so that we can monitor how well the birds are doing and on the day itself we’ll  have experts on hand with telescopes and binoculars to let visitors get a close-up of these amazing birds of prey.”

Peregrine Watch will run from 10am until 3pm at the New Art Gallery Walsall and people do not need to book - they can just drop in.