Snow Champions Wanted

Last updated: 18/12/2014 14:50:20

Snow Champion

Are you fit and active with an interest in helping your community, then the snow champion programme could be for you?

We’re looking to recruit approximately 300 volunteers to help clear snow and ice from footpaths and walkways in their local community.

We will provide you with a high visibility vest, gloves, salt and snow shovel to help you and your neighbours maintain access to your property and local community facilities when weather conditions are poor.

There’s no law to prevent you from clearing snow and ice on the footpaths outside your property or public spaces but anyone clearing footways should be careful, use common sense and not do anything which would make the footway more dangerous to use.

If you’re interested in becoming a snow champion it would be on a purely voluntary basis for the benefit of the wider community. You will need to declare that you are fit enough to participate and need to be aware that the type of work you are volunteering for can often be physically demanding and tiring.

If you want to become a snow champion volunteer, we would ask that you complete the application / declaration form below allowing us to coordinate your collection of the snow clearance kit in early January 2015.

·      Application Form

For general enquiries you can contact us by email: